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Lana, Smallville

Okay I wanted to make a LJ page that looks back through smallville (season 9) so far, since it's coming back on April 2end. It's taken a lot of work, so I hope everyone enjoys it....(I read that they are going to make season 10, I'm soo excited!!) 

Chloe with a gun is just BA, and Lois and Chloe hug (awww cousins :D )



 Lois was just kinda creepy as a "zombie", I think she could have a future in protraying them, if she wanted to, when Smallville is over LOL! Jk.. ...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                                  "Oliver? What are you doing here?" 
     "I was looking for Tess when the whole building went "Resident Evil."



        "What the hell were you thinking, Oliver? They could have killed you." - Tess 
"Yeah. You really didn't give them a chance, did you? And now, we'll never know."- Oliver          
"Were you even aware that one of your factories blew up? Do you give a damn about anything anymore?" - Tess 
"Please tell me you didn't waste all that jet fuel to come down here and deliver me a lecture." - Oliver

 "How'd you know the pressure plate wasn't real?"
   "I didn't."
   "I waited till the last person got out, Clark. I knew the explosion wouldn't kill you."

                              "The last time I trust a woman with a dragon tattoo." Oliver
I really loved this episode, I loved the mystery of it, but it was also pretty easy to suspect Chloe, I love how she cared about Oliver and getting the Green Arrow back into action, he's one of my favorite
charactors!! he's really deep, and I think he adds a lot to the show....                 

"You were living like you had a death wish, Oliver. You had to face your demons if you were gonna make it out alive, and I had to push you over the ledge in order to pull you back." Chloe 
"Did you have to push with a 3-ton truck?" Oliver 
"I didn't think a tricycle would be a strong enough point." Chloe

               Chloe and Oliver have a little talk about everything that's happened..                                                                    

                   The Green Arrow is back...............

"You do know, of course, that you look absolutely ridiculous in that, right? And I got a great tailor. Hook you up with a little color maybe." Oliver
"Nice to see you finally discovered something worth living for after all." Clark
"Yeah. More like a rediscovery, actually. You've done a hell of a job keeping the world safe on your own, Clark. I'm here to help you now." Oliver
"Good. Something tells me... soon the world will need all the help we can get." Clark

    The daily Planet is so cool lol :D      and      I thought Tess looked really beautiful here.
                      Ialso liked Oliver helping out Mia AKA Speedy LOL!

"Well, our first report does have some heat, but it's not about baking. They've set us both up for blind dates." Lois 
 "Clark's on a blind date? Talk about footage of a train wreck." Oliver


Did anyone else notice Mia's freakin tall boots lol?!

  "I can't believe my father's been on Earth all this time and Jor-El didn't tell me." Clark 
  "So... So when you say "Jor-El," are we talking about the guy in your ice-crystal-palace thing?" Oliver 
  "He must've known what it would mean to me to meet my own father... to speak to an actual person and not just some voice in the Arctic. But again, Jor-El kept me in the dark." Clark 
  "Well, I'm sure there's a reason he didn't tell you the truth." Oliver 

  "He's probably afraid that in person, he's worse than I thought he was." Clark 
  "You really mean that, or is that the anger talking?" Oliver 
"There's... There's a part of me that doesn't want to meet him at all." Clark 
  "Look, man, I... I can't imagine what it's like to live your life. But there is one thing I can relate to, and that's growing up without parents. Clark, we don't get a second chance to be with them. And I tell you what, I'd go to hell and back just to wrap my arms around my old man one more time." Oliver 
"You know, Clark, if you wanted to bury me in the desert for going on that date with Lois, you could've at least taken me to Nevada." Oliver 
"Oliver, let's not..." Clark 
"I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna put up a fight, but maybe we could've hit the Strip before the main event, you know what I mean? Maybe a little Blue Man Group. Maybe a little Carrot Top. You know, what I'm getting you next year for Christmas is a sense of humor." Oliver 


"We believe in you, Master B."
 We've now met Zan and Jayna (that's how I've seen it spelled anyway) aka The Wonder Twins....

Lois almost meets her end, but Clark saves her...still it was a close call


"Where'd you get that?" Clark 
    "The street vendor on the corner. It also comes in t-shirts and key chains. I had to be the first one on the block to get the superhero swag." Chloe 
   "Next thing you know, your Wonder Twins will be a household name." Clark 
   "Thanks to the fog and dog duo, Sacks is on his way to the slammer. You know, with some training, they maybe able to give The Blur some much needed backup in the Halls of Justice." Chloe 
"I guess I have more backup than I thought." Clark

"I am this planet's savior! I helped General Zodd take power to ensure this Earth's survival." Tess

 Our heroes try to decide their next move.... 
"Okay, Chloe, remember when we were 10 and I kicked you out of my clubhouse for spilling soda and you said you'd build a cooler one? You win." Lois

I just wanted to add these two pix of Oliver and Chloe from this episode, I think they're cool togeather :D

Clark's showdown with Zodd, dun..dun.dun..
And poor Chloe :-( :-(
Oliver faces off like a gazillion (probably didn't spell that right) enemies.
Lois and Clark...

Someone who looks a little like the Green Arrow shoots Lois...........OMG

While meditating a "ninja assian" attacks Oliver, Oliver takes the black-clad person down..............

..............Only to discover it's his "mini-archer" Mia lol! woops

"What the hell was that all about?" Mia 
   "You tell me. I came here for our training session, Mia, not an audition for "Kill Bill 3." Oliver

Oliver comes by to see Lois in the hospital, but desides not to since Clark's already there...                     


Oliver talks to Chloe instead, who's also in the hospital and shows him a picture of the arrow that pierced Lois, Oliver regonizes the arrow head....

curiouser, and curiouser....
Chloe gets attacked next.....and Mia gets kidnapped by Oliver's old Master/Trainer Vordigan....Oliver isn't happy about it lol!                       

Clark and Chloe figure out where Oliver and Mia are, and Clark gets there in time to save Oliver......Oliver wounds Vordigan.............

        ......and later him and his "mini-archer" have a little talk about everything...........

"I'm not worried about him. Mia, it's what he said, I think he's right. What if I can't outrun these dark places inside me?" Oliver 
"That's why you need me. To keep you in check. There's a dark place inside everyone, Oliver. What we do with it depends not on who our teachers are but what we do with the lessons learned." Mia

"So, what do you call your team anyway?" Courtney
                                                 "A work in progress." Clark

                 I love this episode, I love justice league related stuff in SV it's so cool lol!!

"Justice? Well, everything we've heard about you guys is a little blurry when it comes to justice." Oliver

Oliver and Chloe (Yay!!)

                               Oliver gets thrown through the watchtower's window...

                      "I, uh, I thought I'd stop and see if anyone's hungry." Oliver 
                      "I could use some dinner. Chloe?" Jones
                      "Uh, sure. You're buying Mr. Queen." Chloe 
                      "Don't look at me. I'm living off a policeman's salary." Jones 
                     "Ah, fine. Dessert's on you." Oliver 
                    "On Mars, we never had dessert, but I have grown especially fond of cookies." Jones 
J  S  A

"Was that a clever play on words? Wonderful wit and sparkling theatrics. Mr. Blur's really upped his game."  Zatanna

I thought Lois looked really awesome and gorgeus as WW in this episode, I thought it was cool too that they brought Zatanna back into it, and I felt bad for Chloe with her Alec problomes.......
...............but I was really glad that Oliver was there for her, so she wasn't alone :D...............

Chloe and Oliver!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloe shooting Oliver's bow (that was exciting lol!)

                        I loved this scene so much, I just had to add some extra pix for this one sorry :D


                                   V   A   L   E   N  T  I  N  E  '  S           D  A   Y

          Lois plans out her wedding  ......     and    ...........      Chloe and Tess fight it out.........

"I realize you're not on board with me helping the Kandorians." Clark 
"Yeah, well, you know how it is. You find out that one of them skewers you to death in the post-apocalyptic future, you kind of lose interest." Chloe

                                                 Lois   and    Clark
Tess shows up to tell Oliver some one is stealing from him..............

"A lot of women have used me for my money, I never expected it coming from you." Oliver 
"I wasn't stealing from you, Oliver. I was borrowing the cash. I'm buying insurance for the entire planet." Chloe

                                                              Clark and Faora search for the missing Kandorians....

Oliver and Chloe check out the storage container holding Chloe's "insurance" for the entire planet.....and they're photographed.....

The next morning Chloe comes back to see Tess at the storage container, after Tess leaves Oliver shows up, I thought it was cool that he'd moved the stuff so Tess wouldn't get it..... :D
 "Do you really think we should tell Clark everything?" 
                        "Absolutely. But only when the time is right." Oliver

It also seems old Zod now has his powers again. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!              

Well we've reached the end of the episodes that have been on so far, the new episode is called 'Escape', it looks pretty cool I think, I'm excited for it!!!! On a personal note I really hope Chloe and Oliver get togeather as a couple, that'd be sweet!!! Anyway I want to do more pix of smallville from other seasons and stuff, but I don't know when I'll get that done for sure. I've also added a few pix outta the 'Escape' episode, not as many as I wanted to though cause it made the post to large :-(                                                                     

                         Awwww I'm thinking this could mean Oliver and Chloe are dating LOL! maybe not though...
And what can be said about this, it's fugly (great job to the makeup department on making it so though)

                       And now is the complete end, April 2 new episode!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments are AWESOME!!! :D

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Sorry I'm so late in replying to your comment lol! I haven't been on Live journal for a while, probably because I got a tumblr, :( but I still try to do stuff on here, you're most welcome for the smallville reminder that's just what I made it for hehe.
I think I listed you as a friend a while ago :)

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