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A Chang Hui - Hong Gil Dong Story
G Dragon, GD, Kwon Ji Yung

A short story/fiction brought to you immediately after the events of episode 15 of Hong Gil Dong~

I can return to how I was before. I managed fine before she came along.” ~ Chang Hui

Chapter One ~ Cold Feelings

The breeze that whistled down from the mountains around the capital had everyone bundled up in their warmest clothes, or huddled next to their fires. The clear moon hung ominously in the sky, there were no clouds, just crisp, skin splitting cold,

Chang Hui didn't feel any of this though, he stood on the highest tower in the capital, it belonged to a monastery, it looked out over most of the city. Chang Hui knew where Yongmun headquarters were located from here, and he could see the glittering lights of his brother's palace, but not even the thought of Kwang Hui could warm his heart with hatred or revenge, his heart was cold, he was cold, he'd felt this way ever since telling Yi Nok farewell a couple days ago, he both regretted telling her not to come visit him, and at the same time he wanted to yell at her, and never see her again...yes, Prince Chang Hui was confused, very confused, He had to make his emotions behave, he had to get control over his feelings, at least that was what he told himself, so far it wasn't working.

He'd been skipping on his duties around Yongmun as often as he could for the last couple days, of course Lady Noh, was fully capable of everything without him.

There was movement behind him, but Chang Hui never twitched, he knew who it was. Chisu was behind his right shoulder suddenly, he seemed part of the shadows, but that was how his bodyguard got around for the most part.

Chisu seemed unnaturally anxious, but Chang Hui couldn't bring himself to even ask if he was alright, he was too numb, the conflict, currently waging a war inside of him was clawing at his heart.

Chisu drew a deep breath, “Your highness, are are...Lady Noh requires your presence.”

Chang Hui's expression didn't change, his face looked as smooth and unemotional as the marble floor they stood on. “She won't get it.”

It's important, your high-”

He was silenced him with a hand. “I'm not going back, Chisu. Yongmun can't see me like this.”

Chisu blinked several times, “What shall I tell Lady Noh, she's been worrying about you?”

Don't tell her anything,” once again, Chang Hui displayed no emotion, but the slightest frown passed over Chisu face.

Highness, are you alright?” Chang Hui could tell he fought to ask these words. “Perhaps we should go to the thieves hideout, so you can visit Yi Nok, you said she makes you...”

Chisu voice died away with the bone chilling breeze. Chang Hui had shifted his eyes to his bodyguard for a moment giving him a glance, no words were needed.

I must go back to the way I was before, I can be like that again, Yi Nok won't matter to me anymore,” Chang Hui shifted his gaze back to the perfect night sky. “I'm clearing my mind, Chisu, tell Lady Noh this, and leave me.”

His bodyguard gave a short bow, spun on his heel and vanished back into the shadows. Chang Hui glanced over his shoulder, although he couldn't see them, he knew there were at least two Yongmun guards assigned to protect him, while Chisu went to Lady Noh.

He turned back to the cold air and the night sky, it was time to lose all of them, if there was one thing Chang Hui needed it was true quiet


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